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Encourages the brain to restore or establish a more stable and holistic functioning thus improving mental, emotional, and physical health.


EEG Biofeedback (also known as Neurofeedback) is an innovative, new computer-based technique that is being adopted by healthcare professionals around the world.   read more


The NeuroField technology incorporates very low intensity, pulsed electromagnetic field (pEMF) stimulation, transcranial direct current and alternating current stimulation (tDCS/tACS), heart rate variability (HRV) and electroencephalography (EEG) all in one biofeedback system.   read more

19 channel Z-score LORETA

19 channel Z-score LORETA neurofeedback is state of the art and allows the clinician to focus on specific areas of the brain in training for optimal regulation.   read more

Facilitates Healing

Research shows that neurofeedback is helpful for a number of conditions, such as depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, pain   read more


It has long been recognized that there is a direct connection between the frequency components of EEG (measured electrical activity of the brain) and a person’s state of arousal, alertness, stability and flexibility.   read more

How it Works

Sensors are placed on the "trainee’s" scalp and ear. Brainwaves are monitored by a computer and goals are set that require the trainee to voluntarily produce more beneficial brain wave patterns.   read more

Peak Performance

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive program that identifies the unique strengths, goals and needs of an individual and provides training to optimize brain function for peak mental performance.   read more


Neurofeedback requires repeated treatments in order to be effective. In general, it is suggested that clients anticipate scheduling at least two appointments per week.   read more

Read excepts from A Symphony in the Brain, by Jim Robbins


Dr. Lyle provides individual, marriage, and family counseling for a wide range of issues.


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