Randall R. Lyle, Ph.D., BCN


Randall R. Lyle, Ph.D., BCN

I have been providing neurofeedback services since 1998 as alternative treatment for kids and adults with ADD/ADHD, trauma, depression, anxiety, deepening prayer life, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, improving academic and sports performance and many other conditions. Through Neurofeedback, I have witnessed significant improvements in many individuals with diverse conditions.

Some of my experiences include:

  • Published numerous peer reviewed articles in the neurofeedback field and presented at numerous professional conferences on neurofeedback, brain and psychotherapy interface, application of neuroscience to families and well-being.
  • Co-editor for the “Evidence Based Practice of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback” 3rd Edition as well as the soon to be published 4th Edition.
  • Served on the ISNR Board (International Society for Neuroregulation & Research) and past President.
  • Former Chair and current member BCIA Board (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance).

I take pride in being a pioneer in integrating Neurofeedback into pastoral psychotherapy, offering a holistic approach to mental and emotional well-being. My goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment where individuals and families can discover their strengths, find healing, and experience personal growth.

I am a retired Professor and Program Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Mt. Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Clinical Member & Approved Supervisor, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT); a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Supervisor. I am an Episcopal clergyman; 

I look forward to joining you on your journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Documentation and case studies

Evidence-based Practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
3rd Edition

by Gabriel Tan, Frederic Shaffer, Randall Lyle and Irene Teo

Passive Infrared Hemoencephalography (pIR HEG) for the Treatment of Migraine without Aura

by Alison K. Walker and Randall Lyle 

Neurofeedback for Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathic Symptoms

by Sarah Prinsloo, Stephanie Gabel, Lauren Data and Randall Lyle

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